Collaborators Poised To Digitize Supply Chain Execution

by Mat Dirjish

Asset intelligence company Nexxiot and supply-chain visibility specialist project44 are teaming up to digitize supply-chain execution via sensor and network insights. The partners seek to unlock more areas of value for joint customers to deliver real-time network insights and IoT-centric conditional and location monitoring.

The collaboration will allow users to integrate conditional and location data with what reportedly may be the largest supply-chain network in the world. According to the companies, prior to this partnership, shippers, cargo owners, and supply-chain participants lacked critical asset intelligence and insight, exposing them to unacceptable risks, lack of visibility, and insufficient process control.

The partners provide joint customers enhanced estimated times of arrival (ETAs) using carrier milestones, signals, and historical performance with GPS tracking. Additionally, project44 and Nexxiot customers now have the capability to drive advanced risk management strategies on order and inventory health. Finally, joint customers also unlock new use cases to better manage asset efficiency.

Ready to resolve your supply-chain issues but require greater gleanings? If so, visit the project44 and the Nexxiot websites.

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