Music Financing Service Gives More Artists Access To Capital

Known as the most artist-friendly music financing service, RoyFi is partnering with Unchained Music, the distribution and artist services company that provides advances on artist royalties. Reportedly, the partnership will help creators earn more and invest more in themselves and their projects. Peter Harvey of RoyFi explains, “Our mission is to give more power to creatives by giving them access to affordable capital, at terms that make business sense. Access to capital means more sustainable music careers.”

The partnership lets artists distributed by Unchained Music get advances on future recording-related royalties to fund their next project. These advances can be small boosts to an artist’s cashflow or big enough to build a new studio or front a major tour.

Allegedly, RoyFi has the lowest rates in the industry. Teaming with Unchained Music’s 100% free distribution, this results in rights holders recouping their advances far faster and without handing over rights or control.

Ready to learn and/or earn more? If so, visit the RoyFi and Unchained Music websites.

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