Smart Components Make Beekeeping Easier

by Mat Dirjish

Smart-beekeeping product maker Daesung SmartHive unveils its beekeeping smart sensor  to monitor temperature and humidity and its automatic feeding-watering device. The overall offering includes the Smarthive Beekeeping Sensor, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller.

Daesung SmartHive Introduces New Innovative Beekeeping Products: Smarthive Beekeeping Sensor, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller.

The sensor is usable in all seasons, and consists of an automatic warming device and an automatic feeding and watering device to continuously monitor and maintain the hive. It enables management of dozens to hundreds of hives via a smartphone app. Beekeepers can check, manage, and control hive temperature, humidity, air circulation, and hive entrance control.

Other products include an eco-friendly wasp trap that does not use any attractant such as fermented liquid that attracts and kills all insects around the trap, causing damage to the insect ecosystem. The wasp trap installs at the entrance of the hive and exploits the wasp’s habit of following bees.

Once the wasps are stuck inside the trap frame, the bees safely find their way into the hive through the bee pathway. This eliminates the need to be present at the apiary to manually remove wasps, reducing costs for labor and other control products.

Also on tap, the company’s Hive Controller is a portable smart beekeeping system that safely takes out honeycombs from beehives, brushes bees, and stacks honeycombs outside beehives in approximately one minute. It weighs 9kg, is waterproof, and promises to reduce working time by 50% compared existing products.

Daesung CEO Mr. Jung said, “We expect to be able to help beekeeping farmers who are suffering from the recent disappearance of bees.” For a better buzz, visit the Smart Hive website.

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One thought on “Smart Components Make Beekeeping Easier

  1. Very impressive and innovative beekeeping products from Daesung SmartHive. The Smarthive Beekeeping Sensor, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller are truly helpful and effective tools for managing hives.


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