Monitor Color Calibrators Extend Feature Set

by Mat Dirjish

Color-management device provider Datacolor debuts its next generation monitor color calibrators, the Spyder X2 Elite and the Spyder X2 Ultra. Both offer re-engineered software for a more concise user interface (UI) and advanced calibration features. Notably, the Spyder X2 promises precision color calibration in under two minutes.

Datacolor Spyder X2

Adding greater sensor capabilities, the Spyder X2 Ultra enables calibration of HDR/high-brightness monitors up to 2000 cd/m2 (nits). This makes it viable for photo, video, and hybrid use as well as for viewing HDR/high-brightness content on computer-connected TVs and projectors. Also, the Spyder X2 Elite offers the option for a software upgrade to Spyder X2 Ultra without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

The X2 platform’s redesigned software UI brings a more concise user experience to both the X2 Elite and X2 Ultra. Calibration novices can rely on expert-recommended calibration presets and pros can employ X2 Elite’s and X2 Ultra’s advanced calibration features, such as Video & Cinema targets (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020), Advanced Display Mapping & Analysis, Unlimited Calibration Settings, and Studio Match for multiple, side-by-side display calibration.

Available now, prices for the X2 Elite and X2 Ultra are $269.99 and $299.99, respectively. For greater illumination and enlightenment, peruse the Spyder X2 Elite and the Spyder X2 Ultra specification pages. Also visit the Datacolor website.

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