AI, ML, And IoT Analytics Drive Sustainability

by Mat Dirjish

Analytics software and services company SAS INNOVATE sees many organizations turning to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics to support greener business strategies. According to SAS, these technologies are helping companies become more sustainable, reduce emissions, and develop smarter, more efficient operations.

The City of Istanbul reduces traffic congestion and pollution levels with SAS Viya.

SAS offers AI and advanced analytics platforms that transform data into decisions, one of which is SAS Viya, described as a cloud-native, massively parallel AI and analytics platform. Addressing Istanbul’s traffic gridlocks in a labyrinth of local streets, highways, and bridges, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) enlisted SAS to create a smart-city digital infrastructure.

The IMM system uses AI and ML running on SAS Viya. It analyzes historical traffic data and incorporates live data feeds from a network of sources, including cameras, sensors, data readers, mobile applications, and payment gateways.

Analysis optimizes bus routes with new traffic and passenger data to improve service and route availability. It can also anticipate traffic anomalies such as accidents, lane closures, and sudden areas of congestion in real time by analyzing route densities, driver behavior, and maps.

With analytics models, IMM road operations can more efficiently control traffic signals and notify drivers through digital signage and mobile apps. For more details about SAS, visit the SAS INNOVATE website.

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