First Digital-Vision Headset Serves Dental And Medical Practitioners

by Mat Dirjish

The CAO Group, manufacturers of dental, medical, forensic, and LED lighting products, unveiled Hubble, what it claims is the world’s first digital vision headset at the California Dental Association (CDA) Tradeshow. The headset offers magnification, illumination, documentation, and cloud storage functions to serve the needs of dental, medical, and other healthcare practitioners. 

Said to be comfortable to wear for long hours, Hubble employs two independent replaceable batteries to enable continuous operation. A continuous-zoom function provides a range from 1x to 20x magnification with 2K image quality. Also, users can wirelessly transmit the view field to an external monitor or TV.

Hubble Digital Vision Headset

Hubble’s micro display view window allegedly fits all eyesight idiosyncrasies with no interpupillary or working-length measurement necessary. Other features include an intuitive graphic interface for device status, patient record management, device navigation, and a high-intensity, true-color LED that’s adjustable based on application preference. Additionally, the headset functions are controllable via a handheld remote or a footswitch.

For patient tracking, the headset provides on-command documentation including imaging and video recording. Practitioners can automatically store documents on a local SD card or transmit them to secure cloud storage. A 10-GB cloud storage space comes free of charge and a subscription service is available for additional storage space.

Available for pre-order now, CAO will ship Hubble units to customers in the fourth quarter of 2023. For deeper data and greater gleanings, peruse the Hubble overview and/or call the company via telephone at +1-877-877-9778.

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