AR Music App Lets Users Paint With Music

by Mat Dirjish

Artiphon, a Nashville-based tech startup known for its Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments, is launching Minibeats, an augmented reality (AR) music app that lets users paint with music. Employing Camera Kit technology from Snap AR, the app’s musical camera enables drawing with sound in augmented reality. Users can dance to create music and/or play songs with their faces.

As per the company, Minibeats provides an intuitive interface and presents a zero learning curve. Features include AR instruments, simple touchscreen controls that allow drawing with sound directly in video, numerous colorful AR visual effects, instructional videos on how to play each instrument, camera-like interface featuring one-button recording, and sharing capabilities.

Additionally, the app integrates a line of artist and brand Lens experiences. For example, with a custom Lens built for LP Giobbi, users can build a version of her single, “Body Breathe,” with interactive AR objects shaped like mushrooms and flowers. Likewise, San Holo’s Minibeats Lens uses elements of his album artwork and lets users remix his song by bobbing their heads in different directions.

Can’t wait to get started painting to the music? If so, download the Minibeats app. Also, take a gander at the Antiphon website.

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