High-Speed 3D Printer Breaks Price Barriers

by Mat Dirjish

Anycubic, a 3D printing technology company, unveils Kobra 2, its latest FDM 3D printer that boasts high speed, a user-friendly experience, and a budget-friendly price. Suitable for both hobbyists and professionals, Kobra 2 has a default print speed of 150 mm/s and a maximum print speed of 250 mm/s. This allows it to complete a Benchy model with 0.28-mm layer height in 30 minutes.

Contributing to the unit’s high print speed is its direct drive extrusion system with a 4:1 gear ratio. The system tightly grips the filament and prevents it from slipping, allowing for precise extrusion and flow control even when the printer is moving quickly. A higher print speed requires a higher extrusion rate to compensate for slow extrusions during speed changes. Kobra 2’s 60W high-power hot end enables it to achieve this and melt the filament more quickly.

Anycubic Kobra 2 3D printer

An advanced cooling fan helps to cool down the filament when it’s extruded from the nozzle. With a fan speed of 700 rpm, it cools prints quickly, enabling precise application of the next.

Kobra 2 features double metal spindles and an SG15 bearing structure on the X and Y axes to reduce friction between the moving parts. A double screw motion mechanism on the Z-axis improves speed of the Z-axis, thereby reducing lifting resistance and keeping the X-axis level to minimize layer lines.

Other features include the company’s LeviQ 2.0 auto-leveling system that enables automatic and accurate Z offset, a 4.3-in. color touchscreen LCD on the printer’s right side, and a power-loss recovery feature that enables the printer to recover from power outages and resume printing from the point of interruption. Additionally, a filament run-out sensor detects when the printer runs out of filament and halts the printing process.

The Kobra 2 3D printer is available now in the US. Pricing starts from $269. For greater gleaning and deeper data, peruse the Kobra 2 overview.

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