Nature-Inspired Atmos-Ready Studio Flies High

by Mat Dirjish

Archipelago Entertainment unveils what it describes as the world’s highest Atmos-ready studio. Drawing inspiration from nature, Archipelago Entertainment believes that audio should be as captivating as a snow-covered mountain and exhilarating as a trail leading to a rugged summit. Based in Breckenridge, CO, the audio and music production company creates music and  immersive experiences in spatial environments.

Archipelago’s driving force is Ross Lara, a musician, producer, composer, audio engineer, and mountaineer, who found the concept for the studio in a moment of revelation on a trip to the Galapagos Islands. The beauty of the islands set a sea of change in Lara, founder of Archipelago Entertainment with friend and business mind Brian Shenefelt. The partners settled on a base in the Rockies to custom-build the world’s highest-elevation, Dolby Atmos-equipped studio at 9,000 feet above sea level.

Ready to go sky high and get your ears to pop? If so, climb on up to the Archipelago Entertainment website.

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