What’s it all about

Welcome to my ledge on the worldwide web. Most visitors here will know me from years of tech reporting at B2B technology publications that include Electronic Products Magazine, EE Product News, Electronic Design Magazine, Sensors Online & Sensors Expo, and Sensors Daily.

Other visitors will also know me from my forays into the realms of classical guitar, heavy metal, blues, jazz, hard rock, and musical compositions and performances in all the aforementioned genres. Before I developed a taste for silicon and software, I was a professional musician, composer, and music educator. Many electronics engineers and computer programmers are refugees of the music business. Sometimes the need to feed outweighs the need to jam; jamming merely morphs into some other creative outlet.

It stands to reason, that individuals involved with music and technology would at least have knowledge of, respect for, and/or even a love of the graphic arts. I personally enjoy everything from schematics and drafts through impressionist and abstract works to line art, animated GIFs, and old paperback book covers.

And, hopefully, all visitors will know me, or learn to know me, for my appetite for humor; the more abstract, absurd, corny, and “harmlessly deceptive” the better. Keep that “harmlessly deceptive” description on a backburner.

So what is this website about? Simply put, and if the site logo is not enough, it’s all about Music, art, technology & Design. And if those topics interest you as well, then you may enjoy the content presented here by me: Mat D..

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