If your interests lie in the Music or Art or Technology arenas, or all three like me, then you will find links below to some great resources. These offerings will grow over time depending on the evolving interests of our valued readers and participants. Hopefully, you’ll discover something you never knew about and widen your personal horizons further. Explore!

Q2 Music, the other channel of WQXR, the radio station of the NY Times. Listen on line to new music by 20th and 21st Century composers and performers. Expand your mind and possibilities.
Hallmark Guitars are Priceless.
If the classics are your delight, from the Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and the Modern periods, check out WQXR FM or online.
When you get tired of bangin’ yer’ head without purpose, bang with the “World’s Loudest Rock”. Aspirins optional!
Listen online to some of the best Jazz, from traditional to modern to fusion, and the best two hours of Blues weekly, and more…….
Simply the the best American-made acoustic, round-hole guitars. The Martians are envious!
If you say, “shred ’til yer’ dead”, then you need a superior shredder from Jackson Guitars.
One of the best resources for all guitar & bass players, young, old, and, dare I say it, resurrected.
Are you a jangle merchant? Can’t wait to get “Eight Miles High”? Rickenbacker Guitars will get you higher. Rock on!
Fender Guitars put Rock-and-Roll on the global map and beyond. The Martians are extremely envious!
It don’t mean a “thang if it ain’t got that Country Swang & Twang’.” A Gretsch guitar will make you a Country Gentleman or a Beatle, or a Monkee ~ your choice!
Still the “Guitar Gold Standard
One of NYC’s Best.
A Rich Source of Culture
NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, need I say more?
For up to the millisecond power-technology news, articles, products, and insights, How2Power is your best source.
Passive components, semiconductors, and innovative design ideas await you here.
Learn about all the standards you need to meet in your design world.
A universe of technology and how to understand it awaits you here.