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FLIR visible daytime driving.

FLIR thermal daytime driving.

FLIR night time pedestrian detection.

FLIR city driving.

Gibson Firebird X Premier, Hard Rock Cafe, NYC

Microchip’s High-Side Current/Power Sensor

The Green Revolution, Reusing Energy

Microchip Unveils First Integrated Thermocouple EMF to Degrees Celsius Converter

Using Sensors To Detect and Track Concussions

First Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy module, the RN4020

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Dave Richkas, Bluetooth Product Line Manager at Microchip Technology Inc., sat down with Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor of Sensors Magazine at Sensors Expo 2014 in Rosemont, IL, to detail the company’s first Bluetooth® 4.1 Low Energy module, the RN4020. Carrying worldwide regulatory certifications and Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certified, the integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) stack and onboard support for the common SIG low-energy profiles speeds time to market while ensuring Bluetooth compatibility, eliminating expensive certification costs and reducing development risks. Also, the module is pre-loaded with the company’s Low-energy Data Profile (MLDP), which enables designers to stream any type of data across the BTLE link.

MultiTouch Ltd. Redfines Touch Technology

Electronic Design Magazine’s Components Editor Mat Dirjish meets with Timo Korpela  of MultiTouch Ltd. for a demonstration of the company’s IP that enables multiple applications to run simultaneously and independently on a single touchscreen-display unit. MultiTouch will be demonstrating this unique technology via what it calls a “Twitter Wall” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, January 2011.

Exclusive Video Interview: Microchip’s New PIC24F “GB2” MCUs

Think ECO

Unique green technology uses modules to control home and/or business electricity usage. This promises users significant savings on their electricity bills.

Making Objects Intelligent Easily & Rapidly: Cartesiam.AI

With Billions of objects being deployed every year, it’s critical to bring intelligence to the edge to reduce dependency on expensive Cloud infrastructure and accelerate deployments. However the task is not easy as most solutions can’t run on standard market micro controllers and companies can’t afford or can’t find data scientists to lead their projects. With Cartesiam Nano Edge AI  Studio, existing or future objects using arm Cortex M technology can be made intelligent in days and this without the need of Data Scientists or Mathematics PHDs. This hands-on presentation will demonstrate how an AI smart object can learn at the edge, and will show how the embedded developer can obtain the required library in a few clicks.

Pallets, Sensors & IoT Tech Make Businesses Smart, Efficient & Profitable: The Pallet Alliance & Viaanix

The webinar will talk about different applications of sensor-equipped pallets and IoT technologies, and how complete solutions work. The presentation will go into some detail regarding sensors, wireless technologies, and some widespread use cases in multiple verticals.

SPINpad Sensors vs. VR Resolvers in Hybrid/Electric Powertrains: AVX Group

AB Elektronik developed SPINpad Rotor Positions Sensors to provide hybrid/electric powertrains with more economical, functional, and flexible alternatives to VR resolvers. SPINpad.

It Takes a Village: Live Demo Pairing IoT Platforms and Asset Tracking Use Cases: TagoIO & Wiser Systems

In this webinar WISER Systems will present a live demonstration of its real-time location system that utilizes new RRLT technology.

Medical Imaging Trends and Sensor Technology Developments: OmniVision

This webinar examines medical imaging market trends and the technological developments that are enabling them. Focus areas include the greater use of minimally invasive procedures, the transition from reusable to disposable endoscopes, and the expanded opportunity set from using small diameter endoscopes.

Security Fundamentals for IoT Sensors: Sectigo

Sensors Daily editor-in-chief, Mat Dirjish talks with Alan Grau, VP IOT/Embedded Systems at Sectigo.